P3Y Greh Nakshatra Card

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P3Y Grah Nakshatra Card is a card full of Paramji’s divine power. If you know any of your stars are not in your favour and things are turning upside down for you; may be those unfavourable stars are effecting your health, family, personal life, work, business or any other concern; then just keep this blessed card in your pocket or wallet and you will yourself feel the gradual changes on those concerns and the result will be your own experience. The Graha Nakshatra Card makes your stars work in your favor, and ensures that those which are placed in adverse positions do not harm you. It will also make all your stalled work get off the ground again, while preventing future delays. Even students, not just professionals and business owners, can benefit as the card will bring better than expected results for its user. However, the benefits of using the Graha Nakshatra Card are not always tangible. This card can be changed or recharged periodically to work more effectively under Bharti Maa’s guidance. There are many evidences where this card has done miracles, but your own experience will speak for you. When you keep the Graha Nakshatra Card in your purse, pocket, or in some place where you spend the longest time during the day, you protect yourself, your home, and your workplace from evil spirits (भूत-प्रेत), the evil eye (नज़र), black magic (जादू टोना), and other negative influences. The chances of thieves breaking into your house, office, shop, or godown are significantly reduced, thereby increasing the physical security of your home and workplace. Therefore, you will be able to overcome all obstacles, and fulfill your major wishes faster.

6 reviews for P3Y Greh Nakshatra Card

  1. Nibha

    यह ग्रह नक्षत्र कार्ड रखने से मुझे और मेरे परिवार को बहुत लाभ मिला है।रुका काम बने।यह परमजी की शक्ति से सिद्ध एक शक्तिशाली साहित्य में से एक है।

  2. Taruna Kapoor

    P3Y ग्रह नक्षत्र कार्ड रखने से ग्रहों के कुप्रभाव से सुरक्षा तो मिलती हैं, इस वैश्विक महामारी में परम जी का यह साहित्य हमें मानसिक रूप से संबल प्रदान कर रहा है। मैं तरुणा कपूर और मेरे पति गोपाल कपूर हर माह ग्रह नक्षत्र कार्ड नया रखते हैं।
    चरणं शरणं गच्छामि ??

  3. Janvi kapoor

    Charanam sharnam gachami
    Greh nakshtra cardein bahut shakti hai, mein aur mere husband har mahine isko change karte hai ,hamare hreh shant rehte hai anukool rehte hai aur hum dono pati patni mein isse rakhne se mat bed bhi bahut kum ho gaya , hum dono hi aggressive the but hum dino cool rehte hai , ek dusre ke decisions ko respect karte hai ??
    Thankyou Paramji for such a simple and effective sahitya koi puja path, greho ku shanti , hawan etc ki zaroorat nahi, ek sime card rakhne se hi hamara pura mahina acha jata hai , sab dosho ka nivaran hota rehta hai ??

  4. sangeeta kakkar

    GrehNakshater Card ko rakhne se mare bate harshad kakkar ko apne office ke sabhi logo ke sath anukulta rehti ha ur saflta milti ha .Suraksha bhi bani rehti ha.CHARNAM SHARNAM GACHHAMI?

  5. saroj bala

    charnam sharnam gachhami ? graha nakshtra card rakhne se corona lockdown mein bhi mere husband ki job ki surakhsha bni rhi , iss card se long distance journeys mein bhi surakhsha bni rehti h …har prakar ki aapda vipda aur durghatna se surakhsha bni rehti h . charnam sharnam gachhami ?

  6. Radhika

    Charnam Sharnam Gachhami ??
    Mai Radhika Arora Faridabad se
    P3Y Greh Nakshater Card Bhut hi Powerful card Hain
    Mangal Greh Anukoolta ke liye , Shanigreh Anukoolta ke liye ya kisi bhi Greh Anukoolta ke liye bhut hi powerful card hota Hain
    Humare Aadhiktam Greh Anukool rahe shant rahe icchapurti me Adhiktam sehyogi bane kaam banne me greho ka koi bhi dosh hota Hain to uska nivaran jald hota Hain
    P3Y Grehnakshater card rakhne se Shani ki Dhaiya ya sadesathi Adhiktam Ankool rehti Hain shant rehti Hain
    Aap bhi rakh kr dekhiye aapka Anubhav hi aapka Parmaan hoga ??
    Thank you so much Paramji For give us to all Powerful and Beautiful Sahitey ??
    Thanku Very Much Maa For give us to all the best Guidance ??
    Charnam Sharnam Gachhami ??

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