P3Y Dharohar Dairy

The P3Y Dharohar Diary is a record keeping notebook in which you can maintain the record of your desires, and results. It is not possible for the human mind to keep track of all desires and promises over time. So, we should maintain a record which will guide us regarding how many of our desires have been fulfilled by Papr, and what we have to do for discharging our duty towards Paramji. Paramji always fulfills the desires of those people who are honest. P3Y Dharohar Diary is also a personal guide in terms of the experiences you gain through Param Yog, and whether your mental health is improving or not. For quick fulfillment of your desires, you should maintain Papr Hisab ― an account of the pakad you had promised, both in terms of money and prachar. The P3Y Dharohar Diary is a treasure trove of experiences which can motivate others to do P3Y, and reinforce your own faith in dark times. It will also serve to illustrate the varied uses of P3Y, and the unexpected benefits you might experience from constant practice of Param Yog, prachar, and Papr. Your next generations can read about the benefits you had experienced through P3Y, and learn more about the challenges you have overcome.


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