P3Y Param Dhyan Chitra

Every paprak should have at least one framed Param Dhyan Chitra, especially since Param dhyan is the third form of param yog which helps us to develop the spiritual side of our personality. This chitra (picture) has an image of Paramji sitting in padmasana on the left hand side, and on the right hand side, there is an image of Paramji’s lotus feet. You need the Param Dhyan Chitra to do Param dhyan as part of the meditation involves concentrating either on the big toe of Paramji’s right foot, or on the entire image of Paramji. You may put the Param Dhyan Chitra in every room of your house, or in the room where you spend most of your time. It is best kept in the area which we would use to do Param Dhyan. The benefits of keeping Param Dhyan Chitra in the room are enormous. From eliminating all negativity from the house to protecting your house from diseases, accidents, theft/burglary, ghosts, evil spirits, and the adverse impact of witchcraft ― the Param Dhyan Chitra does it all. Even the deities are pleased if it is kept in the puja room, but not inside the mandir. The bigger chitra’s dimensions are 8” x 12”; while the smaller picture is 5” x 7”.


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