P3Y Param Nivedan

Param Nivedan is a prayer or request to Paramji in the morning, before you start the daily work, to fulfill all your desires during the day, and to make the day more successful through Paramji’s divine power. Param Nivedan is of two kinds — Param Nivedan general purposes which may be used by everyone; and Param Nivedan for students (vidyarthi). When you wake up in the morning, before doing anything, you should read Param Nivedan while sitting on the bed, and then start your daily work. You yourself will feel the difference. It is beneficial for everybody. It can counteract mental fatigue, and boost your self-control. It enhances relationships with Paramji’s blessings; improves self-control; enhances your ability to cope with stress; and turns on the disease fighting genes. It enhances your positive emotions, motivation, and cognitive abilities. It helps to control pain, and invites Paramji into your life to achieve so many things. Param Nivedan is a blessing from Paramji as he himself wrote it, and covers almost every aspect of life which a person needs for success. To enjoy maximum success in your daily work, everybody should read Param Nivedan regularly. You can get Param Nivedan Sahitya from Param Dham, or from any P3Y Pracharak.


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