P3Y Param Vibhuti

Param Vibhuti contains a strand of Paramji’s hair, nail clipping, or sometimes it may contain a piece of His clothing or other personal belongings. It serves to protect you from all kinds of diseases, evils, mishaps, and calamities at all times. It boosts your self-confidence, calms you, and can be used to cure some serious ailments/mental illness. If you want to get the benefits of Snan Vidhi, then you have to wear Param Vibhuti. Param Vibhuti eliminates your negative thoughts and feelings which sap your energy to leave you with only positive, creative, and harmonious thoughts and feelings which energize you. Your concentration will deepen radically, and you will be able to focus on issues to ensure that the main issue gets addressed without your mind getting diverted or distracted by peripheral matters. If you put Param Vibhuti at the main entrance of your house, then it will protect your house from diseases, accidents, theft/burglary, ghost, evil spirits, and witchcraft etc. and your house will be filled with positive energy.


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