P3Y Sankat Mochan 11 Vakya

The sankat mochan 11 vakya consist of the 11 lines of Papr along with the picture of Paramji, alias his holiness. The Papr is the sole medium for the fulfilment of your wishes. In the 9th line you state your wish. In the 10th and the 11th lines you promise monetary compensation (bhent), and the prachar (how many people you will teach P3Y) respectively, after your wish is fulfilled. It is advisable to carry the sankat mochan card with you always. use it to do the Papr and save yourself from imminent trouble.  The sankat mochan card is also wonderful tool of Prachar. It can be carried and easily distributed while doing prachar, and can be used to explain the 11 lines in detail to any new person learning P3Y. It can also be affixed at places such as the house entrance, shop premises or at such places which are readily visible to people. It enables prachar every time a new person reads it while conducting their business with you. It also provides security to your home and workplace where it is affixed as it prevents any person who wishes to harm you from entering. It is a must have for your security, and that of your house.


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