P3Y Touch Card

These touch cards are white, and have the picture of Paramji, alias his holiness on them. The power in the cards can be harnessed by making jal form it by touch. The process for the same is to be learnt from Bharti Ma. It is useful for students as they can use it to improve concentration, memory power, intelligence etc. for their studies. Parents can also use it to ensure obedience and discipline from their children.

The touch cards help in resolving disputes, instilling respect, and bringing harmony (anukoolta) among family members. Use the touch card to make jal which can help to cure most major, lingering illnesses. The patient will certainly get better, even if gradually. It can be used to dispel any negative forces that may be in our houses. Thus, it is one of the most effective and convenient ways to receive Paramji’s blessings, and benefit from his powers.


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