P3Y Sankat Mochan 11 Vakya

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The sankat mochan 11 vakya consist of the 11 lines of Papr along with the picture of Paramji, alias his holiness. The Papr is the sole medium for the fulfilment of your wishes. In the 9th line you state your wish. In the 10th and the 11th lines you promise monetary compensation (bhent), and the prachar (how many people you will teach P3Y) respectively, after your wish is fulfilled. It is advisable to carry the sankat mochan card with you always. use it to do the Papr and save yourself from imminent trouble.  The sankat mochan card is also wonderful tool of Prachar. It can be carried and easily distributed while doing prachar, and can be used to explain the 11 lines in detail to any new person learning P3Y. It can also be affixed at places such as the house entrance, shop premises or at such places which are readily visible to people. It enables prachar every time a new person reads it while conducting their business with you. It also provides security to your home and workplace where it is affixed as it prevents any person who wishes to harm you from entering. It is a must have for your security, and that of your house.

11 reviews for P3Y Sankat Mochan 11 Vakya

  1. Janvi kapoor

    Very beautiful , informative and blessed website ?

  2. Teena Juneja

    Param Ji k 11 vakh mein bahut shakti hai. 11vakh karne s sari wishes puri hoti hai. Meri bahut si wishes puri hui hai bus iska prayog sahi tarike s kare. Param ji k 11vakh karne s sabse pehle hum surakshit hai. Yeh chal rahi mahamari corona s mera pura parivar surakshit hai aur swasth hai. Mein subha udthe hi param naad karti hu aur apna pura parivar param ji ko arpan kar deti hu. Jise mein aur mera pura parivar safe hai. Thank you param ji
    Thank you param ji.
    Thank you param ji.
    Thank you Bharati Maa.

  3. दिव्या अमित शर्मा

    P3y संकट मोचन वाक्य का प्रयोग करने से मेरी कई छोटी बड़ी इच्छाएं पूरी हुई है , फरीदाबाद परमधाम में ,मैं जब भी p3y महाउत्सव में आई हूँ और जो भी इच्छा मांगी है वो हमेशा पूरी हुई है।
    चरणं शरणं गच्छामि???

  4. saroj bala

    sankat mochan 11 vakya is immensely powerful sahitya …these 11 sentences which are core concept of p3y helps us fulfil our desires and empowers us with strength and patience .

  5. Divya Sapra

    CharnAm Sharnam Gachhami ??
    Mai apna anubhav share Karna chahti hun
    Mere ghar param apne chitra ke maadhyam se mere ghar makar Sankranti wale din aaye mene khub dil se param ji ka aasan bhicha kar choti se jagah par paramjit ka pata yeh gyarah vaakya kiye aur unse kaha ki mere ghar par kripa karna meri naukri corona virus ki vajah se chali gai hai ab me tuitions pada kar apna ghar chalati hun mujhe bhi vishwas nahi ho raha tha par aisa hua ki un do mahino ke andar teen guna yaani 10se 30bache tuition padne aane lage mai bhul gai thi ki meri naukri mere pass nahi thi
    Sach me param ji aur papa me bahut shakti hai
    Param ji aur Bharti maa ka bahut bahut dhanyawad Param ji and Bharti ma meri jindagi aur meri teeno betiyo ko mene aapko arpan kiya hai
    Charnam Sharnam Gachhami ??

  6. Muralidhar

    Param ji Param shakti give mental peace and if we do p3y in a systematic manner as per our Bharti MAA teaches us we may achieve everything in our life. It is universal truth and as per my past experiences.
    Charanam Sharanam Gachhami ??? Param ji aur MAA Ji ko arpan ?????

  7. Nibha

    P3Y sankat Mochan 11 vakye karne se ..koi bhi problem ya desire fullfill me experiment of 11 lines kar ke dekhe…it’s really works…paramji me bahut Shakti h.shukhad anubhav ata hi h.. p3y se koi galat kaam nahi banta.its also not works for lazy people.p3y is only works for hardworking person.

  8. Dr Rimchi Sharma

    P3Y Sankat Mochan 11 lines are very powerful. I applied many times in my life since from August 2020. Param ji fulfilled my many wishes. My recent big wish which is(We bought our own home)got fulfilled by doing these 11 lines with Bharti Maa.. Thank you Param ji
    Thank you Bharti Maa ?
    Charnam sharnam Gachhami ??
    these 11lines

  9. Garima

    Charnam sharnam ghachchami
    Garima Gurgaon se apna Anubhav share karna chahti hu.
    P3Y mei 20 years se kar rahi hu.Paramji ki kirpa se meri 5000 se bhi jyada wishes puri hui hai.
    11 vkay mei bahut shakti hai.
    Humari ek shop thi jisko hum sale karna chahte the koi customer nahi mil raha tha sale ke liye agar koi customer ata to bahut hi kaam rate bata raha tha jo humey sahi nahi lag rha tha .Phir maine yehi 11 vakya kiye sankat mochan ki paramji meri shop sahi rate mei sahi samay pe sale ho jaye within 1-3 months mei ek acha customer mil gaya aur rate acha mil gaya jo rate hum chate the wahi mil gaya.aur shop sale bhi ho gayi.To in sankat mochan vkaya mei bahut shakti.

    Thanku paramji thanku paramji thanku paramji.
    Thanku Bharti Maa for support and guidance ..

    Charnam sharnam ghachchami???

  10. Nibha

    It’s a experiment of 11 lines..I applied many times..it’s really work.. p3y + hardwork = more sucess.its not for lazy people.

  11. Abhinash Kaur

    it really works …….only 11 sentences makes life so beautiful n easier ……n this also guide us the right path when we face any confusion …….lots of wishes fulfilled by doing these 11 vakya …….m blessed to have p3y n teacher like Bharti maa in my life who guide us in every aspect when we r in trouble or in confusion ??
    Thank u paramji
    Thank u param ji
    Thank u param ji
    Thank u Bharti maa??

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