September 6, 2021

Charnam Sharnam Gacchamiā€¦Myself Vanshika from Faridabad. I want to share my today’s experience with you all. From past one week I’m suffering from food poisoning and infection. So whatever I am eating it has not been digesting properly to my stomach many a times vomit had happen. Due to which I suffered from high weakness. From the day when I fall ill I do a papr of Pramji and take everything after arpan vidhi either it should be medicines, diet, water etc. And in today morning 11 am class when Maa ji get the papr done. I arpan myself to Pramji as uttered my Maa ji u arpan yrself to Pramji when u r sick. Pramji is always there he will definitely take care of u. So I just want to say thank u Pramjiā€¦thank u Pramjiā€¦thanku Pramjiā€¦my health is totally fine now only left with little bit of weakness but the main issue of digestion and infection is completing all right. Thank u Pramjiā€¦Thank u Pramjiā€¦Thank u Pramjiā€¦thank u Maa ji for guiding us to how to do P3Y and giving us the path where we can cure our problems by easiest method in the world (that is none other than P3Y)ā€¦Charnam Sharnam Gacchamiā€¦