April 18, 2022

Charnam Sharnam Gachhamiā€¦this side Vanshika From Palwal want to share my prior month experience with u all…I had suffered from high cough prior month from past 6-7 days and the situation of my is too worst that I can’t able to breathe, drink and eat properly… for almost 6-7 days I can’t able to sleep properly from very first day itself. I take all medicines, food, water by doing papr and apply papr oil before sleep but still I can’t get any relaxation then after six days I arpan myself to Paramji in my Param Dhyan for five-ten minutes and utter that Paramji please give me that strength and confidence that I will be completely allright and then take medicine and steam. from very next morning my cough is 95% all right and till date I’m completely fine with the blessings of Paramji taking no medicine as of now after Param Dhyan…that’s all possible because of Paramji and Maa ji who guided us in each and every path of life.Ā 

Thank you Paramjiā€¦Thank you Paramjiā€¦Thank you Paramjiā€¦Thank you Maa jiā€¦Thank you Maa jiā€¦Thank you Maa jiā€¦