April 18, 2022

This is Amita Saxena from Bangalore; I had a very good experience on last Friday. We had gone out for dinner with friends, came back after 11 pm. I got urge to sweep all the leaves fallen outside. My husband even objected that it was too late. I went ahead anyway.Ā  The moment I bent, I realised that my neck chain is open and the Diamond Pendant that I was wearing was missing. All worried I looked inside where I had changed clothes, corridor and steps but didn’t find it.Ā  I asked my Husband that we will have to go back to the restaurant to find it. He said, it will be closed by now. Nevertheless we locked the house and started to move towards car. I did 3 param naads and started doing P3Y. I had just finished the first sentence “Parmam Sharnam Gachhami” and I looked down and saw my pendant was lying in the fallen leaves next to the car. It was Paramji, who made me decide to clean the leaves, so late in the night, otherwise I wouldn’t have realised that pendant is missing till morning and by then street would have been cleaned and Pendant would have gone. Thank you Paramjiā€¦Thank you Paramjiā€¦Thank you Paramjiā€¦