April 18, 2022

Mai Renu Garg Delhi se apna aaj ka ek experience share karna chahti hu. The son of my house maid, Praveen was informed by his class teacher on 22nd March that his name has been struck off by the school authorities due to his regular absence in the school for last 3 months.Ā  He was studying in 11th class. His class teacher and the principal strictly refused to re-admit him in the school. His mother came to me and requested us to go with them and talk to the principal about the class teacher. I did P3Y before leaving the house today. It was extremely surprising that the principal called the teacher in his room; Cooley listened to us, and agreed to permit the student to come to the school tomorrow.Ā  It was due to P3Y and due to Param Shakti only. Thank you Paramjiā€¦Thank you Paramjiā€¦Thank you Paramjiā€¦